Tomasz Kramkowski


As of today my domain finally supports DNSSEC. It was much simpler than I thought it would be. It seems namecheap now officially allows you to publish DS records in the parent zone of your domain (limited only to TLDs which support it). This is one of the last things that I wanted to set up on my server.

In the end, the process was made very simple by the existence of this which details exactly how to set up DNSSEC on BIND 9.10 or higher.

Currently the KSK is SHARSA256 1024 bits and the ZSK is SHARSA256 2048 bits, I am considering moving to using a 2048 bit KSK but I'm not sure if there will be much of a benefit. I am using NSEC3 with a SHA-1 hash with the opt-out bit unset and 100 iterations.

In any case, you can now rest assured that if your resolver uses DNSSEC (Google's resolvers will return a failure in case they find a DS record but the DNSSEC validation fails) you will be receiving signed and verifiable data. Of course, I doubt many people care.