Tomasz Kramkowski


Systemd Notifications On a Budget

Recently, the inclusion of libsystemd as a dependency of distribution vendored copies of OpenSSH server caused a bit of a scare. Not necessarily because of libsystemd. That being said, maybe NIH isn't that bad in some situations, maybe we shouldn't be so eager to add a dependency when a short bit of code is sufficient. So I wrote a short bit of code.


Option Parsing On a Budget

Recently I was writing a little code generation utility which took lots of positional arguments. I wanted to add two optional features to this utility, these options would take no arguments. I decided to use getopt but realised that this would make the code depend on POSIX, I liked the idea of staying dependency free so I quickly investigated really simple solutions for option parsing (without compromises) which would be equivalent to POSIX and GNU getopt.


N900 Fast GPS Fix

If anyone is, like me, still using the N900, they may have noticed that acquiring an initial GPS fix can take minutes. The reason for this is that even in the latest CSSU, no longer works as a location server. The fix for this is actually relatively quick and easy and will make an initial GPS fix take seconds rather than minutes.